Rabu, Agustus 02, 2006

PPD Strike

On Tuesday, when I pass trough Jl. Sudirman from BEJ to my office, I got a traffic jam caused by PPD Bus Driver Strike which blocked the Trans Jakarta Lane. It was the second day of PPD Driver strike. As reported by Jakarta Post, the PPD Bus Driver was unpaid for more than 9 months. Even though I need more than an hour to reach my office and should take “ojek” with expensive fare, but I were not blamed the striking drivers. Why ? Because I only loss an hour and Rp. 30,000, it was too small comparing with the sorrow of PPD driver. Can you imagine how the PPD drivers live without salary for more than 9 months. How they pay thir children school fee and supply good nutrition for them.
I hope PPD drivers get their salary back soon so they can drive PPD Bus with good attitude.

Walah, it’s not easy to write in English.

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